Sir Fawnpug's Music Index

WARNING: Most of these are in MIDI snythesis format, so beware of laziness.

12/6/00: Uploaded Crystal World
Another song, another day. It's the 8th one I've uploaded, yay for me!

12/6/00: Uploaded ET Theme/Fish Flight
I added in a new section: Arrangements of Other Peoples music. And also uploaded a new song, Fish Flight.

12/6/00: Reuploaded SDS, uploaded Negron
Well, the title explains it all

12/4/00: Site Open
Thanks To final lack of to postpone my laziness, I decided to put a site for my music. Yes, I'm using tables. Yes, I like tables. Yes, I'm going to annoy you. Go download the Midis and leave me alone.

Yay. Here is my music. Most of it is enlightenment style:

Name:DescriptionDate CompletedOp.#
March of the Rabid Clowns My first song I decided to write professionally. Hardly Enlightenment style. I forgot when this was created.9/??/001
EstanziaCreated as a cure for my bordem at 3:00 morning. Enlightenment style waltz.11/24/002
It Smells Like ChickenYet another cure for bordem. Dunno what to call this... it's rather "funky", I guess you could say. That's what it was intended to sound like, anyway.11/24/003
Sonata delle SatyrThis translates out to "Sonata of the Beasts" and is 4 movements long. It makes use of dynamic tempo and enlightenment style.12/1/004
Burning Slinky in the CityI had a bit of trouble naming this one. It originally reminded me of fire, and I was going to name it "firebird", but seeing as the firebird (pheonix, in otherwards) was not alway violent in myths, it wasn't a good thing. Well, I consulted my friends. One said it sounded like a slinky, on said it sounded like a crowded sidewalk. So there's where the name came from. It's a short, 16 second song. (it would be longer, but I wanted the song to be at Allegro molto e vivace).12/2/005
Negron I wrote this when I didn't have very much inspiriation to write stuff, even though I was very motivated to, which is always a pain. I somehow managed to scrape this peice together.12/6/006
Fish Flight Sounds slightly new age-like3/26/017
Crystal World Sorta depressing if you listen to it too long3/27/018

Arrangements of Other Music
Name:DescriptionDate CompletedAr.#
ET Theme My first arrangement of other songs 3/25/011
Now, do you wanna go home? Well... Ok, just this once.

Copyright Phillip Kilgore 2000. You may use my music in computer games if a) you give credit to me for the song you are using, and b) if you write me an email, and I'm not too lazy to respond. Copyrights on all songs which are arranged outside of my own music belong to the corresponding companies bearing the current copyright.