Wooden Guard House

I got bored, so I decided I'd make something for my friend's player run shard. Well, then I decided that it would be nice to have some forms out housing, sometimes even GM employed, to increase interest in the shard. This shard is named for it's most obvious use, but could have other uses.

On the first floor, there is only 1 tile of space taken away. This is to employ the ladder to the rooftop. The rest of the room is yours (you have 35 tiles of it on the first floor). This bottom floor would be best put to use as an armoury, personal area, and so forth. The layout is mainly like a small house.

On the second floor, there are 34 tiles of free space. Unfortunately, I could not work out a method of side rails, but you end up with more usable space. The top floor can be used for utterly anything, but unfortunately, I don't think a sniping platform is one of them, I tried :( However, it does give a more realistic sense of being able to see the outside world. You can use this for displaying rares, decorations, or just turn it into your observation platform if you like. Be creative.

Basically, you have double the capacity of the small house with this. This has a larger usable area than the small stone workshop, but on the downside, it looks more like something a warring guild would use than a merchant. Here are some possible uses for this structure:

* A player run guard post, obviously
* The guildhouse for a small guild
* A wilderness cabin
* A shop

This is not made with the intention of being a vendor shop, however, it can be done. This has twice the capacity of a small house in the same footprint, so I would place the price around 50k-60k.

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