GM Blues

New Comic, Link Submitted to Stratics (9/18/00)
Well, that's what it sounds like. I submitted a link to Stratics, plus I added "The Naughty Faculty". This is the index page I finally made. BTW, in comic 3, if you don't see GM Meniscus, His name didn't show up when I got the "allnames" working, so he's that dude with the green book. He will always carry that around, BTW. Background information: GM Meniscus, the main character of this comic, is a GM who has to deal with all kinds of trouble and mischeif, from GM Paging abuse to exploiting bugs to just plain annoyance. These comics bring out some of the daily things that he has had to do. Now, the Comic Links: GM Stress (1st Comic) - Meniscus Rants
Vas Corp Poor Newbie - The Dev Team is gonna go crazy over this.
The Naughty Faculty - Perhaps the staff isn't as clean as they might seem.

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