UnitedIdiots Email(4/22/01)

For all of you wanting a POP3 email account that shows your idiocy proudly, I have gone with trend and added a ZZN email domain. It's quick, it works with most POP3 email providers, and I'd like for it to be used at least some, so apply now!

BTW, for all you proxy users, this is what you'll have to enter for the server:

Incoming: (or DNS label)
Outgoing: (or DNS label)
Account: user@unitedidiots.zzn.com#apop.zzn.com

This will most likely only work after you activate the POP3 on your account.

Links and IRC(2/11/01)

I uploaded a Java IRC client, and worked on some links. Yay.

Drunk Mandy(1/29/01)

I uploaded Mandy's Drunken rants. I still have stuff to add, I have dreams for my dreamjournal... just too lazy.

New Shit(1/26/01)

Well, we have a dumbass uploaded. Oh! And an RPGMaker page and Stephen's picture in the FFP page. That's it.

We're alive (1/23/01)

Ok, not really. But I did do some big overhaul work on my page. See, everything in GREEN is inactive. Funkay schtuff. Everything else is active and works. I'm working on everything else. The dream journal isn't gonna be done until I get a semi-interesting dream. For programming categories, until I actually have something to put up there. Well... I do right now. Nothing you would like, though. I will work on a links section, also... and maybe UO. But not clear on it.

(As of 8:45 PM CST, I have a guestbook and a hit counter. Go me) - Raving Idiot, Over and Out

We're dead (1/22/01)

Well, I hate to say it. We're dead. I've quit UO, I'm not even sure about Cayden anymore. Hell, our guild is falling apart. I'm tired of OSI's latency when it comes to importing new ideas to the game. Every time, late, every time, unbalanced, every time, cheapened and poorly implemented.

So I'm still gonna use this page for my own personal benefit. The Idiot House is a fine name. Not even Hell for Windows compared to it. All you people still playing UO will find me on Stratics and UOXdev. I still do UOX, sometimes.

So, what WILL this page become? It'll become my personal page. I'll have a couple of planned sections:

>> News: What are you, some kind of dumbass? This is self explanatory.
>> C++: My various C++ experiments.
>> MZX: My various Megazeux sucesses and failures
>> RPGMaker: My various RPGMaker RPGs
>> Fucking Fun Pictures: Lets just say I liven up the experience with any photo or screenshot.
>> Music: The stuff you listen to when you eat.
>> LiveJournal: My livejournal, you'll see my daily rantings in this Oh-so-wonderful tool.
>> DreamJournal: And I have some weird ones, too.
>> Guestbook: What are you, a fucking moron? Everybody knows what this is!

So, I am signing out now. I must get to bed, but I probably won't. I slept 5 hours this afternoon.
- Der Straßebahn


Mass Killing! The Horror! The Fun! (8/13/00)

Duh.. I kill-ded him again, bosssss!
This is the Picture of the week. Since when did we have a picture of the week? Well, now we do. This is me (I Went to School) being gleefully killed by Buster and Fallen One. I died about 8 times, but in the beginning, I did manage to kill Fallen with a poison feild. This is what I call fun! Sorta..

Anyway, if you'd like to be involved in this type of guild warfare, let us know. Just don't keep attacking someone if they don't like it. If I get multiple reports of you doing that, you're out. (In otherwards, only kill in these Kill-off games or when a guildmate wants to battle you for a little fun).

Also, I would like to say that we have Allied Veins of Insanity, and not gone to war against them. It would be unwise for you to attack most of the veins of insanity members, because they cannot heal us because of the way the war system works. So, treat VoI like your own guildmembers. Before I started this guild, I was part of their ranks and Lord Pitbull and I allied us this afternoon so two guilds based on similar principles could be united.

This is our new page. I finally got around to making it, so we may display our greatness along the other guilds. Yes, I do code this from scratch, that is why it takes me a while sometimes to make pages, besides the fact that I'm plain lazy. Please, guildmembers, submit your character pictures, but please do not send the paperdolls. I am making an album of members for this site.
-Raving Idiot,
Why do we eat that which is not edibble?

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