Welcome to the Idiot House of Baja
Stupid Logo Raving Idiot Made

Welcome to the Idiot House, the future restaurant inviting all idiots, drunkards, asylum runaways, and mentally insane and/or disturbed people to hang out. Progress is going along very quickly, and before long, you'll wonder how you lived without us! Enter the classic moongates:

But I was framed! I didn't run off with the rubber chicken, honest!
Now that I'm in jail, I'm stuck without inspiration...

The IB page is no longer for the IB, as the IB has been disbanded, and the guildmaster quit.

What may be inside either of these pages might be offending. Do not enter if you are offended by profanity or references to sex or religion. Copyright Sir Fawnpug, AKA Raving Idiot or Phillip Kilgore, 2000-2001. All rights reserved. Contact the owner before you wish to use any music, pictures, or writings.